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Mystery Box of Sparkles

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Mystery box of glittery goodies!

If you're after some of our sparkly treats but not sure which colours to go for, or you prefer surprises, this is the perfect thing. This mystery box includes a selection of our products that are picked at random.

The box will include:

-Clutch Bag x 1
-Makeup Bag x 1
-Coin Purse x 1
-Tassel Keychain x 1
-Choker x 1
-Pocket Mirror x 1
-An extra tassel keychain / choker / accessories

Everything included in the box will be worth £70-£75 however the box is priced at £50, meaning you will get £20-£25 worth of extra goodies.

Please remember that as this is a mystery box, you will not be able to pick specifically which colours or products you will receive. You will get one of each of the products listed above in the box, with some extras that will make it up to the price that the box will be worth.

If you do have a preference of favourite colours, or a product that you may not like, feel free to send me a message and request if I may be able to tweak the box slightly.

The box will come wrapped with tissue paper and sparkles, so it makes a perfect gift if you're not sure which colours to go for!