nude glitter makeup bag with an iridescent shimmer
sparkly nude cosmetic bag
nude iridescent glitter makeup bag
Nude Iridescent Glitter Makeup Bag

Nude Iridescent Glitter Makeup Bag

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This sparkly nude iridescent makeup bag is made out of a canvas fabric that is covered in a generous layer of glitter. This would be the perfect pouch to store your everyday makeup when you’re on the go! This shade has hints of pale blue and gold glitter in the light with an iridescent sheen.

Each of our bags are made with a beige YKK zip that has gold teeth and measures about 7" x 5". These would make pretty gifts for any glitter and makeup lover. They're small enough to carry around everyday and keep all your toiletries and makeup bits safe whilst still being big enough to use as a mini clutch bag for a night out or special occasion. These are so versatile that you could also use them to store your passport and boarding pass while you’re travelling as they’re the perfect size! 

The lining inside is made out of a colourful printed cotton. Each of our bags will come gift wrapped in tissue paper.