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Most of you know me as someone who loves glitter, colour, and sparkle. Many of you have been customers from the very beginning, and for those of you, I'm immensely grateful. A lot of you have come back over the years and made further purchases, leaving reviews and messages about how the quality is exceptional and the love that has gone into making the products is clear. The point I'm trying to make is that this effort and thought will always go into everything I create or work on, whether it's a physical product I'm making by hand, a digital product I'm designing, or the advice I give to someone.
The glitter bags were partially inspired by The Glitter Plan, the book I felt like I just understood when I read. But if you followed me back then you'll also know they were complimentary products to the collection of silk scarves I'd designed and produced after graduating with a degree in Printed Textiles. That second collection was based on sea life and was called 'Underwater Escapade', with a burst of bright colours mixed with neutral browns and muted shades of peach. As an individual who gets ideas from exploring and travelling, and spending time in nature, I've always felt creative at my most when I'm on holiday, or back after a refreshing break. There's something about having a change of scenery, a break from normal, everyday life, and exploring the unknown that I know a lot of you will understand.
Over the years, as I've made glitter bags, resin coasters, and other small accessories, I've always remembered places I've been when I saw that particular colour. I've named many of my products after nature and our everyday surroundings, with the sparkle of my handmade products reminding me of the sparkle of the sea in the sun, or the way a street glimmers during a warm summer evening.
So after feeling a little stuck and bored for the longest time, and the issues that I have spoken about on social media that I had with the fabric, I started a new Etsy shop with digital prints. My new Etsy shop 'Dear Reader Dot Co' has initially been a creative outlet aimed at Taylor Swift fans, with a range of simple prints inspired by song lyrics and quotes. I recently started to add some digital prints of places I have visited, with my own photographs as the focal point. As I've grown up my style has changed a lot, from my style, the decor I prefer, and the products I enjoy making. 
I've kept this Etsy shop completely separate up until now, and really haven't posted about it on my socials. But I wanted to share this on here as my business has always been me, and I've realised that it's not completely me if I don't share all the different parts and the ways I love to be creative. You can visit my Etsy shop here and if you'd prefer to shop from my website, I will be adding the travel prints here soon.

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