This Handmade Glitter Wristlet Keyring comes in many colours and is finished with a rainbow split ring to hold multiple keys.
This handmade glitter wristlet strap keyring can hold multiple keys on the rainbow split ring.
Keep your keys together safely with this handmade glitter wristlet strap keyring that allows you to hook onto your bag or hang them up.
This pink glitter wristlet strap is great for hanging onto your car or house keys and allows the glitter to catch the light.

Iridescent Glitter Wristlet Keyring

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Glam up your bag or add some sparkle to your keys with this iridescent glitter wristlet keyring. Featuring a rainbow split ring to allow multiple keys to be attached, and a glitter fabric strap.

This glitter wristlet keyring comes in multiple colours and is great for hooking onto your keys so you can easily hang them up, or loop around your hand for convenience when you're out and about, ensuring that your keys are always safe!

The wristlet keyring measures about 6.5 inches in length and 1 inch in width. It is very lightweight and easy to carry around.