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Glitter Sunglasses Case in Plum

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This plum glitter sunglasses case is the perfect accessory for your summer holidays. This plum is made out of a sturdy spandex fabric that's covered in a generous layer of glitter.

Each case has a beige YKK zip with gold teeth and measures roughly 7 by 3.5 inches. This sunglasses case can either be used for sunglasses or just normal glasses. The inside has a floral print cotton lining, whilst the sturdy fabric keeps the glasses protected.

These would make great purchases to add some glitz to a pair of sunnies for your summer holidays, however you could also use them for other things such as storing makeup brushes, or as a money pouch etc.

Please note that as these are not hard back cases or padded, these won't offer complete protection if you're not careful about where your glasses are stored. I would advise not to put these at the bottom of a big bag if you have heavy items stored there, or in a suitcase that's being checked in etc.